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 Falcon Labour Solutions provide reliable labour hire services to Sydneys construction industry. We conduct thorough screening processes, including interviews, background checks, and skill assessments, to ensure that candidates meet the qualifications and expectations of their clients.

Our Services

Skilled Labourers
  • Experience with tools
  • Trade assistant work
  • Demolition
General Labourers
  • Manual handling
  • Site clean up
  • Manual excavation
  • Painters
  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers &
  • Other trades

The Process

Candidate Interview
  • Face to face meeting to discuss the role and determine if the candidate has the correct criteria.
Skills Testing
  • Skills test can be done with the candidate to ensure they have the experience and skill set needed for the role.
Reference Checks
  • A history of reference checks are done.
About us

Leading Industry Labour Hire Services

Labour hire services provide businesses with an agile workforce solution to meet changing project and operational requirements. Under labour hire, a service provider supplies workers to a client on a temporary or contract basis, handling all recruitment, screening, payroll, compliance, and training. This allows businesses to scale up or reduce staffing to match peaks and troughs in production or workload cycles. Labour hire is ideal for roles that are short-term, seasonal, or involve fluctuating schedules.

There are many benefits of using professional labour hire services. A key advantage is access to a large pool of qualified workers with specialized skill sets that a business may lack internally. This includes roles like engineers, IT professionals, construction crews, warehouse staff, administration personnel and more. Labour hire services conduct extensive candidate screening, background checks, and capability assessments, ensuring workers are job-ready for any role. The service provider manages all HR administration like payroll, insurance, PPE, and training – reducing overheads for the client.

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We can help

We have the capability to efficiently fill short and long term workforce gaps across various industries through our labour hire solutions that tap into our talented pool of reliable workers to quickly match the right people with the right roles based on specific job requirements

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